heading out to Rathbone, NY. #nofilter #roadtrip

heading out to Rathbone, NY. #nofilter #roadtrip


My dog York won’t do it for the vine by Wellington Boyce

the greatest thing is having friday off unless you have to do mundane family shit

I'm sick of that metaphor joke too. I don't even know what the metaphor is supposed to be

is this jonh green??

someone c’mere and give me a stick and poke tattoo

Ask me “have you evers!”

soooo tired of the “it’s a metaphor” joke that everyone is band wagging. soooo not funny. not funny and overplayed and soooooooo not funny.

dear john green

please address the metaphor that tumblr has suddenly become obsessed with. you know what i’m talking about. now make everyone else stop talking about it because i’m sick of seeing everyone try to make sense (and bad jokes) of it.

i’m not even gonna have phone service in rathbone. i’m gonna be crazy fucking bored.

i wanna start smoking weed again and i sorta wanted to christen the new piece i got for my birthday on 4/20. i haven’t smoked since december and i’ll be in bumfuck nowhere on 4/20 with my family. fuck.

i have to go to rathbone, ny tomorrow (aka bumfuck nowhere/the kentucky of new york) to see my great aunt mary and spend the night to celebrate easter with her and my family and i’ll be visiting my grandmother’s grave because she’s buried there and it’s her birthday